Tips & Information

About the Martin 242
The Martin 242 is a 24-foot, high performance, family-oriented day racer and weekender. Over 350 have been built since 1981, and there are large fleets on the West Coast of Canada and the U.S. The…
How To Prevent Mast Failures
We have had two masts go down recently in Southern California and in both cases the situation could have been avoided. If you have not reinforced the deck joint under your shrouds this…
How To remove Kelp
Easy Kelp! By Craig Yandow
M242 Line Lengths
Main Halyard 75’ Spinnaker Halyard 75’
M242 Mast Tuning Guide
Introduction This document is a guide for basic mast tuning on the Martin 242. Any references to numbers are based on the cut of the Ullman Sail but the technique will be the same for any mainsail….
Maintenance Tips
A Suggested Check List for Maintaining Your M242 Standing Rigging The clevis pins at all bottom locations in the standing rigging deform. Replace them regularly. Are all your ring dings and…
Martin Mondays Practice Drills
During the month of May MG Marine teamed up with Olympic Silver Medalist and sailing coach extraordinaire Pease Glaser to bring the Martin fleet “Martin Mondays.” For a fraction of the cost of…